Millipedes, honeyeaters, and smelly glands.

Millipedes, honeyeaters, and smelly glands. This week we whip out our scanning electron microscopes for some full-frontal footage of millipedes doing the dirty. Tune in to learn how a leg can also be a penis, why honeyeaters perform ritualistic dances, and in Liz’s own words, “where else has cool glands for good smelling stuff”.

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Crystals, sharks, and devil grass.

Crystals, sharks, and devil grass. Something is lurking in the deep in this week’s episode. Join us as we dive past the sharks having rough coitus, delve through your inner ears and the crystals they possess, and dig into the past, present and future of the devil disguised as your lawn.

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Condoms, cannibalism, and brain-control.

Condoms, cannibalism, and brain-control. This week things get hot and heavy in The Green Room. The innocent spinifex grass is not only interesting for its doughnut shape, but its ability to make super-slim condoms. Speaking of safe sex, fungus has developed brain-control mechanisms to increase libido of infected organisms. How romantic. But do you want…

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