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While the green room started off as a local radio show in 2020, we quickly tapped into South Australia’s underground scene of conservationists, ecologists and local legends. 

As we talked to more and more people about the wonders of the natural world, we found ourselves increasingly immersed within grassroot projects that are dedicated to protecting our biodiversity and fostering a more sustainable way of life.

Inside this thriving community of like-minded nature nerds we are having a blast creating content out of audio, text, gardens and more.

Check out what we’ve been up to!


8 years of experience in media and communications

Based in science

Passionate about nature

Dedicated to community

multimedia creation

The Green Room specialises in creating multimedia products for education and engagement purposes. 


Our products are tailored to the needs of the client, but also to the interests of the dedicated community, in order to maximise outcome. 


To date, products include podcast series from multi-day conferences, videos for government awareness raising, and interviews for University partners. 

educational materials

The Green Room prides itself on the creation of educational materials that go beyond “buisness-as-usual”. 


We are deeply passionate about education as a driver of connection to the environment, and ensure our pieces exist to engage not just inform. 


To date, educational materials produced include an ID guide on birds in Adelaide suburbs and a report on systems underpinning global megatrends driving the climate and biodiversity crises. 

workshops and events

Eight years of science communication enables The Green Room to hold conversations, workshops and events to further engagement and connection with the natural world. 


We approach our workshops and events in the same way we approach our science communication, with a focus on discussion and open-communication. 


To date, examples include hosting a workshop on Backyard Biodiversity, facilitating discussions for the Nature Festival, and running Science Communication event for the Biological Society of South Australia.