the green room

the green room podcast

A show dedicated to exploring science, nature, the science of nature and the nature of science. 


We record fresh new content every week all things green, gross, furry and feathery. From the littlest larvae to the weightiest whale, we leave no stone unturned and we always ask ‘why’?


The Green Room is recorded live on air at Radio Adelaide Studios, which is located on Kaurna land.

A four-part audio journey to accompany the Dynamic State Summit of 2022. Explore the conversations, ideas and ambitions of solution-focused South Australians as they grapple with the global challenges facing our state. Discover a vision of hope for a sustainable future. 

The Biological Society of South Australia (BSSA) podcast brings you conversations in SA and beyond. Each episode features a guest researcher, practitioner or thinker working in the world of conservation.