the green room

Culture, migration and silly history

We are asking a big question this week. HOW DO MIGRATORY BIRDS KNOW WHERE THEY ARE GOING??? Tiny robins travel thousands of kilometres over open oceans (with no landmarks), being pushed completely off track, and make it back to the same nest every. single. year. On our journey to the answer of how they navigate, we take a quick trip through history and step into the mind of Aristotle. The great philosopher was not just famous for his theories on humans, but his theories on the non-human world. 

Speaking of the non-human world, humans are not that special. We love to try and be special and differentiate ourselves from others – “only I can use tools”, “only I can communicate”, and “only I have emotions”. This week we breakdown the assumption that “only humans have culture”. We explore culture in orcas (otherwise known as killer whales or alphas of the ocean) and how their thoughts have entered their bodies.